Medicare Advantage plansMedicare Advantage plans have boomed in the last decade. Not only have they taken a step further in providing extra benefits and services to its clients but also reducing the cost of the monthly premiums. With more and more people wanting to choose a health care provider of their choice, there is no guarantee that he would lie within a medicare advantage plan network or not.


With the Private Fee for Service (PFFS) plans, your medicare insurance company decides how much it will pay to the providers and the hospitals, and how much would you need to pay. Humana provides one of the best PFFS plans along with various benefits attached to it. There is basically no plan network in Humana’s medicare advantage plans. You would have the freedom to choose almost any health care provider, as long as he agrees to the terms and services of Humanas PFFS plans. It not only provides flexibility to its clients but also ensures less coinsurance as well as copayments as compared to PPO plans.


With a Private Fee for Service plan, you do not have to choose a primary care provider and do not have to worry about taking referrals to see a doctor of your choice. Most of the Humana PFFS plans also include prescription drug coverage, which is better than the standard coverage of Medicare. These plans also provide full coverage on preventive screenings once a year, which covers almost all of your basic tests. Along with all these, it also covers your hospital expenses.


With PFFS plans no matter where you are, there is a good chance that you have a health care provider in that area, which would agree to your plans terms of service. However, in case of emergencies, all the hospitals and doctors are entitled to treat you, no matter if they accept your insurance plan or not. It is really easy to use a PFFS plan. Just show your PFFS card to any hospital or health care provider you want. If they do accept the terms of service they would accept your medicare insurance plan as well. In case of emergencies, Humana’s private fee for service plans provides coverage out of the United States as well.


These plans are mostly suitable for citizens who would like to select health care providers of their choice. They are not as suited for people who have a special medical need and can get very costly for them. Before choosing to opt for a PFFS plan you should first analyse and study whether your preferred health care providers agree to the terms of your plan or not. You must also see if it covers prescription drug coverage or not. If not, you can enrol in a stand-alone prescription drug plan as well.